bullet1NLP Sessions

Business Session Packages for Executives/Managers/Teams:

• Defining Vision & Purpose • Removing obstacles in the way of your success • Time Matrix – Bringing your Goals Successfully into Action • Mentoring Programs for Coaches & Trainers

bullet1Emotional Intelligence Sessions

Lasting Change Programs:

• Eating/smoking disorders • Compulsive Behaviors • Addictive Behaviors • Weight loss

Instant and Effective Cures:

• Anxiety • Fears, Phobias • Emotional Enmeshment • Stimulus Response Reverse • Codependency

Emotional Release:

• Emotional Wounds • Physical & Sexual Abuse • Trauma


bullet1Individual Sessions

Lasting Change Programs:

• Couple Therapy with NLP • Hypnotherapy • Change Limiting History: Time Line Re-imprinting • Understand phases and cycles of life: Experiential Astrology with NLP

Make the most of your potential!
60-90 minute sessions available.