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Dr. Doris, NLP Master Trainer, is excited to share with you her more than 33 yrs of working with people and advancing the field of NLP and Emotional Intelligence. She believes that our self-realization and the quality of our relationships are directly related to our success in all areas of life. Her commitment is to help you accomplish and bring into action your desired changes and outstanding results. It is her life’s work to offer to you the most dynamic, interactive and practical certification trainings focused on direct application, long-term results and focused on YOU.

  • Improve your success as a Professional to communicate and lead more effectively
  • Become a Certified Practitioner or Coach to help others achieve their personal & professional goals
  • Excel as a Certified Trainer who is engaging, effective and creates results

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Unlock the secret of your emotions. ­ Make your emotions work for you.


NLP Master Training

Take thought viruses out and replace them with patterns and programs that work.



Coaches know how to motivate and facilitate bringing greater potential into action.


Become a radiant, charismatic trainer who attracts student magnetically. Learn how to professionally design and successfully deliver trainings.


Dr. A. Doris is the only Master Trainer in India and the UAE offering true, valid and international certification from the original Society of NLP.

What is NLP?

  • Neuro: The way you think
  • Linguistics: The way you talk to yourself and others
  • Programming: Your Emotions & Behavior

Our Commitment to You

  • excel as a professional right away
  • create or increase your income
  • bring your goals and visions into action
  • support you before, during and after your training
  • become part of the DorisNLP Team as a trainer

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