5 Keys to Boost Sales

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From Prospects to Customers – 5 Keys to Accelerate Business Growth

Are you tired of sales strategies that don’t work?
Confronting lots of No’s and finding yourself dealing with a lot of resistance?
Losing time through repetitive and unsuccessful interactions?
Sensing something might be missing in your business/sales conversation?

This course is about transforming sales strategies that don’t work into innovative and engaging business interactions. It is based on the research that people decide for a sale or sign a contract when emotionally motivated and engaged. The time we often spent in presenting is reverted into time to really and deeply find and meet the need of our client/customer. This course offers best sales practices essential in today’s fast paced world for creating optimum business success.

The attitude we are holding in a sales interactions is crucial. The 5 Keys attitude helps you to remove any personal agenda from the sales interaction focus on “helping” rather than selling or wanting anything.

The 5 Key skills help you to learn a system easy to apply, have optimum success while obliging to your values and being authentic. They create lasting and powerful results as they are based on the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. New concepts will be translated directly into new behaviors. All 5 Keys techniques and skills will be practiced to shift challenges into opportunities and to implement them directly into your daily case scenarios.

If you have difficulties with your current sales/enrollment tactics
If you are not getting the business or sales results expected of you or/and if you are ready to excel this program is for you!

Up to now participants who have gone through this course raise their closing/revenue for a minimum of 10% within 3 – 6 months.
This course is one of the top courses to improve sales in the world, developed by three NLP trainers who also ran large businesses successfully.

From Prospects to Customers – Foundation Level, Part One – 2 days

Learn and demonstrate:

  • Taking pushiness and tackiness out of sales
  • The 5 Keys Authentic Sales Attitude
  • Dynamic introduction of yourself that leaves impact and touches
  •  Create long-term business relationships
  • Address our clients’ deepest motives and needs
  • Engaging rather than presenting
  • Creating emotional engagement so your customer asks you for your business
  • Creating commitment and action steps

From Prospects to Customers…5 Keys to Accelerate Business Growth – Advanced Level, Part Two, 3-days “5 Keys for Business Excellence Certification”

Learn and demonstrate:

  • Setting Business Goals
  • Advanced techniques for improved relationships with your customers
  • Crafting and declaring emotionally engaging & effective presentations
  • Questions are codes to information
  • Advanced question techniques to elicit specific information
  • Handling any objection of any customer easily and successfully
  • Methods of early detecting any objections in the sales process
  • Advanced language for successfully handling objections
  • and turning objections into opportunities
  • Techniques to close as directly as possible. Question and language techniques to always create a form of commitment or closing
  • Time Matrix to put your Business Goals into Action and successfully reach your business goals
  • Demonstrate accelerating your desired business growth
  • Raising your closing rate a minimum of 10% directly or latest in three months

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