Build Better Relationships with your Family

//Build Better Relationships with your Family

Build Better Relationships with your Family

Define family? Family is our own universe, making us feel secure, a bunch of people we can share any problem and count on them during the tough times, sharing mutual respect and each other admiring privacy. This is my own version about family.

Building a healthy family relationship is not a choice, but a necessity in modern times. We all face harsh time at different phase of life and need someone to stand with us during a crisis.

So here are four steps to build better relationships with your family (The steps are derived from our emotional intelligence certification program widely organized in India).

Step 1

Try to spend maximum time, when everyone in the home is present. Like eating dinner together, it is a healthy habit and gives ample time to ask wellbeing and discuss the day. It acts as glue in bringing everyone together. It disconnects your from your daily busy life and give a peace of mind.

Step 2

Spend time with your family in recreational activities like playing Ludo or board games during the weekend, go for a picnic or read books together. Even family gathering at rituals gives time to nourish the bonding. People get to know each other and understanding each other likes and dislikes.

Step 3

Respect each other opinions and let them have their personal space. If your husband asks for some personal space, leave him alone. Don’t peep around your husband and when needed give him personal attention. This will strengthen the bonding, mutual trust and care for each other.

Step 4

Allow yourself and everyone to speak freely and express their emotions. This lays a solid foundation for a healthy relationship and help in resolving conflicts, arguments, releasing frustration. Free communication is the key, it develops your listening skills as well as interpersonal skills.

Building a relationship requires a high degree of emotional intelligence and a brief understanding about human behavior. NLP has been instrumental in learning how to develop rapport with everyone and mastering verbal and non-verbal communication.

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