Communication & Language Excellence

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Communication break downs can challenge the quality of our day. Words can hurt more than physical force. Language affects our thinking, influences others and creates everything we do. Words have power beyond imagination. Go for nothing less than the best in language training.

Communication & Language Excellence

Ask yourself – As a leader, as a trainer:

  • How can I yet deepen rapport? How can I pass on challenging messages, maybe even say “No” while maintaining rapport?
  • How can I communicate what I want while deepening relationships?

Everything you see, hear and feel is given meaning through language. Language develops the mind, influences the body, shapes environments and is one of the most powerful forces in the lives of humans. Language has power… the power to create your world.

The phenomenon of inner commentaries, dialogues or “the voices in your head” is based on our lanugage. We can talk to ourselves in ways that creates stress or makes us feel bad (includes all limiting emotions). We can also talk to ourselves in delighful ways that opens possibliities and makes us feel great (includes all wonderful emotions). ON a simple level of thinking we experience ourselves or our emotions as a result of other’s (language or behavior) or outer occurences. This happens automatically and natrually, and to all of us, however it really is a fallacy because everything is perception. Perception is directly linked to the experience inside of us or in our communication with others.

The point made here is that the way we understand and use language is the most powerful key to influencing our experience, our relationships and our success.

”Words are the currency of life.” Christina Hall

Communication & Language excellence are an essential element of all the DorisNLP workshops and trainings. As Practitioners we practice, as masters we begin to master, as trainers we teach brining language into action. You will be amazed how all the areas of your life and work will be enriched by understanding on a deeper level to organize, differentiate, integrate and apply all the various NLP language models and the newest in NLP linguistics by global standards.

Go for nothing less but the best in language training.

  • Sharpen your quick access of traditional Sleight Of Mouth language patterns
  • Use the hidden magic of language and naturally occurring unconscious learning to shift doubt or difficulty and enhance persuasion/conviction
    Exercise an even more powerful influence by consciously using language in a more purposeful and precise way
  • Sharpen your charm and language ability to meet every individual and every audience exactly where they are, regardless of any circumstances
  • Stay composed and create alignment and transform any resistance or obstacles in the training room/or within audience behavior into cooperation
  • Optimize teaching and learning outcomes through
    • more consciously and purposefully using NLP lanugage patterns
    • specific templates that help you apply all language patterns you already have in your NLP tool box.

Reinforce the Meta (precision) and Milton (hypnosis and persuasion) models with multi-level exercises to question, recover and intentionally filter information

– Learn the 14 patterns that loosen belief systems and can create change on the highest level in one sentence. (Sleight of Mouth Patterns)

– Shift focus from the negative, complaint or problem into positive intentions, creative solutions and desired directions.

– Move beyond “either-or” thinking, recognize and transform paradox and binds.

– Use time in language to shift time forms (past, present, future)

– Learn the three structures of time orientation and expand the way you code time

– Advance analogy, metaphor & story-telling application for ethically persuasion.

– Work with flash card games and language templates that bring all of the NLP language models together to expand your world and success beyond your expectation. 

Steadily build your tower of communication excellence for optimal negotiation, mediation and persuasion effects. Expect great “Aha” moments. Settle for nothing less but the best in language training!

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