Difference Between NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner

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Difference Between NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner

There is no end to learning. The thirst of achieving excellence gave birth to certifications and higher level degrees. At some point of time, we all want to swim deep into our interests and master it. Being master means you have a firm grip over the subject and possess all tricks of the trait.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) is a concise study of human psychology, a deep understanding about various sectors of brain and activating them to deplete all fears and phobias, release all the trapped thoughts and memories, conquering emotional states and achieving all the desired goals in life. In a nutshell, living life the way we want. This is our major fight in life.

Study is a two way process, you need a teacher as well as students. Roles are variable, a student can become a teacher as well as teachers can become student too, because there is no end to learning. Confused?

A teacher of eight standards is not eligible to teach class twelve students, so in order to teach higher level he needs to upgrade his skills. Same goes with NLP. The dream of NLP practitioner is to become a master practitioner in order to become a more influential speaker keeping the candidates spellbound, sharpening NLP tools and techniques.

Why master practitioner is different to NLP practitioner

Master practitioners are masters of language, they know how to use communication at a higher level  to influence and persuade the candidates with ease and success.  Gripping speech, spinning the world, motivating people in achieving their desired goals and has been a path breaker in selling, marketing, life coaching and hypnosis training.

During the master practitioner course, you become an exciting presenter , articulate, confident and entertaining. The course guide you in how to prepare presentations, developing sequence, making visual charts and preparing notes.

Developing new therapy skills and taking it to a new level  and resolving deep rooted problems in mind and achieving happy and successful state of mind. The practitioner learn to develop negotiation skills , learning how to learn from being manipulated and ethically creating a win win situation for both the parties.

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