Emotional Intelligence Master & Emotional Intelligence Trainer

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HR Professionals, Leaders, Trainers and Coaches

Five-day Certification

Become a Rocking EI Trainer
Successfully Conduct EI Trainings Right Away

  • 2-Day EI Master
  • 3-Day EI Trainer

Detailed Objectives
Emotional Intelligence Master Certification, 2-days

The Emotional Intelligence Master equips you to excel your EI Practitioner skills with models to handle and transform intricate emotional issues like trauma, compulsion, addiction, codependency and guilt. It enriches your skills as a counselor, therapist or coach with advanced physical release techniques according to Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen. This helps in a most realist way to conquer all forms of anger.

The Stockholm syndrome and the phenomena of emotional enmeshment explains why emotional issues like fears, trauma, compulsions and addictions seem to not go away but resist normal treatments. These deeper-layered emotions also go along with the complex of guilt. You will be empowered to help any of such emotional issues through the advanced Emotional Intelligence NLP- Therapy approach. Releasing Emotional Enmeshment is a form of a meta-physical surgery, a step-by-step replacement process to create immediate and long-lasting success.

Successfully Address Compulsions & Addictions
The Ten Guidelines & Tips

 Enmeshment – The phenomenon of deeper-layered fears and trauma
Understand the fabric of deep-rooted emotional issues
Design maps and pathways for emotion mastery

Releasing Enmeshment & Evolved You
Reversing the Stockholm Syndrome Meta-Physical Surgery

Physical Emotional Release 
Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen Bio-Energetic Exercises

Improv Theater – Express, Release, Enjoy
Emotion Yoga intensified through Theater Techniques to intensify contentment  and joy through the The Happiness Booster

De-Escalation Techniques
Professionals and leaders often have to handle highly charged situations. Learn  how to always respond resourcefully and bring consensus no matter what.

Boost Negotiation & Persuasion Results Using Emotions
Enhance motivation & persuasion through intentionally interrupting and accessing emotions. Practice how to increase emotional engagement

Bring Desired Futures into Action with the Time Matrix
A masterful and carefully designed step-by-step process  Magnetically and successfully attract your outcomes and make them  come true

Detailed Objectives
 Emotional Intelligence Trainer Certification, 3-days

Emotional Intelligence training is in demand in today’s corporate world. It becomes more and more recognized in schools and universities. Organization ask for EI training to raise skills and effectiveness of any professionals who lead, interact with and motivate others. 

The need of trainers in EI is high.

Learning Emotional Intelligence and teaching others are two different subjects. One must come before the other. Learn to instruct short EI workshops as well as up to 2-day EI trainings.

The Emotional Intelligence Trainer Certification equips you to teach and conduct short workshops and 1 or 2-day trainings in Emotional Intelligence (EI). You will be empowered to create your own curriculum.  You will also have the choice upon an extra fee to receive the copyright to the DorisNLP existing EI training format through templates, manual, ppt and materials to successfully conduct EI Trainings right away.

How to increase as Leader & Trainer:

  • Composure/calmness/ resourcefulness
  • Relationship Focus/compassion/kindness
  • Intentional use of voice/ voice training
  • Optimize team and audience engagement

How to conduct as a Trainer:

  • Differentiating Fact and Interpretation
  • Basic Transformation Techniques     
  • Increasing Happiness & Joy
  • EI exercises that empower the participant measuarbly

How to apply as Trainer:        

  • Anger Release Sessions
  • Laughter Meditation
  • Emotion Yoga

How to boost:

  • Emotional Engagement
  • Theatre Improv
  • Presentation Excellence

Become a Rocking EI Trainer
Successfully Conduct EI Trainings Right Away .

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