Emotions and Spirituality

//Emotions and Spirituality

Emotions and Spirituality

Many people believe that happiness is not something that happens to you. In my opinion it is a matter of consciousness and ability.

Emotions and spirituality are very connected. Happiness can be more consistent when you know that you are not your thought, you are not your body and you are not your emotions. You are so much more than that – and beyond…

From that perspective it is a matter of focus of where you want your attention to be. Of course it is not difficult to see what is going wrong . Things around us break, are not done, do not work… Being independent of such reality is what has to be to create and attract more happiness.

I choose to make it part of a daily practice. Today was my last shopping day in the Seattle South Center Mall before flying out tomorrow. l enjoyed interacting and engaging with anyone I met. While having my coffee creating sweet and memorable moments

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