Find New Ways to Fulfil Them

//Find New Ways to Fulfil Them

Find New Ways to Fulfil Them

Now you are ready for the next step.

Example: Angry reactions have given me release of energy and some sort of power feeling.

1 – I am now creating the same result by consciously beating up my pillow until I feel a release… Then I laugh afterwards

2 – In the situation where I previously shouted and acted in ways I wish I would not – I now hold my anger internally as a friend and step back. I then ask:  May I get back to you in an hour please?

3 – I hold my breath, bite my tongue and go for a good run afterwards.


To best get different result in this area my suggestion is to write up


New ways, new habits, new behaviors for more healthy and consciously chosen ways.

Those new ways need to fulfil the positive intention from your LIST ONE – otherwise they will NOT be implemented in your life. New ways and behaviors will only be implemented if they do what the old pattern was trying to do. Makes sense?

So go one emotion after the other and find new ways…. Ways that will work in your life and that you can easily implement.

Emotions are signals for us to learn something or to do something differently.

What is my new and desired direction?

What is something productive that I can do that fulfils the purpose of the emotion?

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