Goa Retreat

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Our model for Goa Retreat certification trainings responds to the needs we believe most of us have.

  • Intensive learning & professional development
  • While relaxing and enjoying nature
  • Learn more through engaging with other professional
  • Completing all sessions: Receiving certification

Taking 6 or 12 days off from daily life is a lot. It is your valuable investment that we wish to best serve. We have found out that participating training during city life can be challenging. Many of us would lose time in traffic daily and studies get distracted. Take this as a learning holiday. When we are relaxed we can concentrate better and learn more. Goa is beautiful and good for the body. Studying and vacationing together gives you more results.

We begin at 9:45 am and end at 5:45 pm. The locality is close enough to the beach that you can go for a swim in the tea or lunch pause. After class students often engage into evening activities or go for outings. Personal and professional relationships with kindred spirit will grow which will greatly enrich your life and/or career. You may also choose silence and stay in your room. We have specially selected a location off the street and comfortable which should meet all your needs.

In the NLP Master as well as the Trainer Training there is one day off between the two times 6-day training. We have organized a sight-seeing tour for that day to excel your trip, of course optional. Enjoy truly accelerated learning.

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