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We at DorisNLP believe in best client service. It is important to us to be your life-long NLP Learning Partner. We know what it takes to invest time and money into training. We want to make it easy for you. You can schedule an online

Free up to 25-minute meeting

with Dr. Doris

We also offer follow-up support groups and an online forum for participants of our trainings. The purpose is to  keep the learning process going and offer best support.  Students exchange about bringing the skills and tools into daily life.

For example NLP Coaches who are giving their sessions share their case studies and get support how to help coaching clients best. Someone is stuck with a technique and others help out.  An NLP Coaching course participant may share their AHA moments and receive sympathy.

You will receive a link to the forum with completion of your training.


Further information on each of the criteria is available by requesting at –

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