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Responding to the need of a corporate group or organization precisely needs competence experience. Dr. Doris is passionate about your people’s success providing a 25 year corporate success record. NLP is brilliant in generating changes on all levels and optimizing performance and productivity.

In our current economy managing costs is critically important and profoundly affects the future of your organization. Challenges and stress in your working environment result in low productivity. The abilities to interact effectively, lead intelligently and cope with change successfully are necessary for your organization, cooperation or business to thrive. DorisNLP custom­ designs programs applying NLP providing 25 years of international success history.

These custom­ designed programs optimally enhance your peoples productivity and skill levels.

Your people and working climates are important to us. Our focus is to save you time and money by tailoring our programs to your unique needs. Leaders, managers and employees empowered through our training will create healthier and thriving working atmospheres. They become champions for your goals and vision and thus raise your performance.

Call for a free evaluation and consultation. See our Five Standard Programs. We customize those, design additional programs and deliver effectively meeting your needs and optimizing your profitability.

Five Standard Programs

  1. Conflict Prevention & Business Communication
  2. Accountability & Leadership
  3. Team Building & Efficiency
  4. Change & Time Management
  5. Presentation Excellence

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