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  • Part 1: 6 days
  • Part 2: 6 days

The 12-day NLP Master Coach program gives you exceptional tools that are purpose­ oriented and focus on your real­ world situations. Whether you want to change careers, achieve the best in your field or solve family situations, this training evolves the human spirit’s unlimited capacities. It includes the power of emotions and focuses on the patterns that further respect, love and ethical persuasion in any interaction. It equips you to become a NLP Master Coach in facilitating change for others.

Enrich Personal & Professional Excellence

Excel your ability to coach others with methods of success. Meanwhile also enjoy experiencing all techniques on yourself

  • The Nine motivation filters (Meta Programs) will help you identify and change behavior. This is the most advanced in behavioral modification.
  • The Four coaching styles and the “8-Step Coaching Process”.
  • Coaching is asking the right question. Learn to ask the question that gets you the information you need.
  • Learn twelve patterns that change negative into positive belief with one sentence/ question (Sleight of Mouth patterns) for greater persuasion.
  • Learn the language patterns that work with the subconscious mind. Introduction to Hypnotherapy.
  • Learn to use the power of time orientation and the structures of time to change experiences and realities.
  • Time Line Reimprinting will be done physically by you walking on a line on the floor collecting resources from the past and bringing them into your desired future.
NLP Master Training
  • Whatever someone else can do – you can do it to! It is called modelling. Look forward to an outstanding modelling project that will bring you and your clients beyond any limitiations.
  • Coaching means identifying and changing strategies. Become a master strategist to Adapt more interventions that help to facilitate change quickly and long-­lastingly.
  • Work with the Evolved You and the Time Matrix to most magnetically use the law of attraction to bring your own and your coachee’s goals and vision into action

The pre­requisite for this program is a recognized 5-day NLP or Coaching training. Your previous NLP & Coaching Skills will be like puzzle pieces coming together into a clear whole picture. Take your NLP and coaching skills up to the next level!

Our Commitment to You

We are committed for you to accomplish your goals and outcomes in any training. We produce specific training results verified by using skill and self-assessment tests. It is important to us that you can bathe in safety, trust and cooperation – supporting each other’s processes together with creativity, inspiration and fun. Our greatest passion is to help people become masters of their emotions and inner processes and so contribute to a world with more respect, love and peace.

  • Pre-requisite: NLP Basic Course or NLP Pre-knowledge

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