#NLP & The 5 Keys for Best Sales Practices

//#NLP & The 5 Keys for Best Sales Practices

#NLP & The 5 Keys for Best Sales Practices

The word sales can have a negative connotation and or be experienced as “tacky”. That is mainly so because the tendency is to present too early and too much. The sales person describes his service or his product staying focused on himself.
#NLP greatly contributes to the field of sales with exquisite and advanced question and communication tools that make the client and customer #1. It helps with specific skills to bring forth the customer’s core motivation. It focuses on the client or customer’s needs in ways that raise trust and bring forth interest congruently. The key here is emotional engagement. Research shows that people’s decision for a purchase are more related to the experience related to it than the material or monetary aspect.
#NLP gives us the skills to turn sales around into a welcomed and valued client/customer experience. www.DorisNLP.com







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