NLP Trainer Training in India

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  • Part 1: 6 days
  • Part 2: 6 days

Trainers are the conduits to bring forth any subject matter in inspiring, attractive and effective ways. Building the career of a trainer can be ultimately rewarding. NLP is crucial for training and brings forth the best in you as a trainer. This Trainer Training is one of a kind. Become a top-notch, charismatic trainer who expresses oneself emotionally engaging and magnetically attracts students or audiences.

Trainers build flexibility, mobility and competency in their trainees’ thinking and action. A trainer’s attitudes, beliefs, verbal and non-verbal communication directly impacts the ones in front of him. Who you are as a trainer and who you project yourself to be matters.

Our trainers apply NLP to enhance their levels of confidence, competency and congruency (the three Cs: CCC). Within this process you will be guided to step out of your hidden boxes and succumb yourself beyond expectations. Becoming a trainer is a gift as you discover how to be fully yourself in front of any audience. It’s all about leading others by your continuous example…

Special Benefits of this Trainer Training

We invite you to choose this training as it is recognized by the international market for its highest competency and global standard. This trainer training helps both the experienced or novice trainer polish their skills to facilitate high-standard trainings with lasting impacts on everyone involved. You will be prepared to enter the training field with ease and grow into either a successful NLP trainer, corporate trainer or trainer in any field.

It is important to us that you can bathe in safety, trust and cooperation. There will never be a boring moment in the training room. We are committed to supporting each other’s processes together with creativity, inspiration and fun.

  • Creative and accelerated training methods
  • Faster access to your innovation and creativity
  • Super models to bring goals, purpose and directions into action
  • Use of motivation styles (Meta Program) to predict and utilize trainee’s behaviors
  • Artistry in creating unified systems within any training context
  • Discovery of your unique leadership & presentation style
  • Expertise in utilizing pairs, triads, small groups and team work to optimize learning results
  • Story-telling skills to enrich multi-level meaning-making
  • Skills in utilizing emotional engagement to capture your audience
  • Theater improv skills to create exciting presentations
  • Excellent processes for designing exercises that give desired results
  • The knack for successfully transforming and utilizing any difficult audience behaviors
  • Elegance in beginning and ending training modules
  • Powerful multi-level feedback templates
  • Effectiveness at meeting trainee’s expectations
  • Quick methods to accurately measure and test skill success
  • Exciting entry into The New Time Matrix to bring potential into action
  • The magic behind multi-sensory learning and stimulation
  • Potent skills to grow your career and your business

The world evolves when our consciousness and skill levels evolve.
Our trainers are the conduits for a more peaceful and conscious world.

  • Pre-requisite: NLP Basic Course or NLP Pre-knowledge

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