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 She is a dynamic instructor and so focused and outcome-oriented. What I liked about her approach is not just having people learn material but having people walk away using the knowledge that they have gained. As an education manager spending money on programs, that is really something I am looking forward to and appreciate. – Corlis Taylor, Education Manager, Fbks Memorial Hospital, USA  

Dr. Greenwood’s information provided very valuable tools enabling the participants to enhance their communication skills, not only in their professional but also personal lives. – Dawn Jeffress, Head of School Nursing, RN, North Star Borough School District, USA  

I am delighted to report that we were able to complete the relocation of our data center in 25% less time than planned as a result of the kind of leadership and communication that has come from this leadership training. – Anteneh Avele, CIO, Weikfield Mnemonix Info Networks, India  

The combination of her accent, hypnotic story telling skills and the enthusiasm led me to new ideas and areas of consciousness I never knew existed. – Boyd Williams, Expedia Car Sales, Seattle, WA  

Ms. Greenwood presents extremely well. Her instruction is targeted and effective. Success can be as simple as asking a client or a jury: ‘What do you want?’ – Ward Merdes, JD, M.B.A., Trial Attorney, USA  

She sensitively changed the initial skepticism of my business managers into curious attention. These hours resulted in better guest relations and less staff conflict … and a more amicable, efficient workplace. – Jay Ramras, Hotel and Restaurant Owner, Alaska, USA  

Some of the benefits I noticed right away were the improvements in leading critical conversations and confrontations…. Not only did I see changes, but managers and employees gave these trainings an outstanding rating. – Bob Dvorak, CFO, Providence Health Systems Alaska  

Working with Ms. Greenwood, we developed a hiring profile we now use for all prospective hire interviews. We are happy to report that we have seen an improvement in our ability to better match prospective employees to the job duties here at the bank. I recommend her to any business wanting to improve communication skills. – Gena Stout, Vice President, Mt. McKinley Bank  

Dr. Greenwood’s personal style and hands-on techniques were a real hit. The participants left the seminar feeling motivated and empowered to make these changes in their daily routine. – Crystal Vail, Edu. Department, Fbks Memorial Hospital  

The majority of our leaders are much better equipped to handle challenging communication situations. One of the things most helpful was the Art of Asking Questions for instructing more effectively. I would very much recommend that type of training for any leader. – Ajay Gupta, HR, Bajaj Allianz, Pune, India

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