The Psychology of Emotions

//The Psychology of Emotions

The Psychology of Emotions

Well, it’s a kind of big deal managing emotions and channelizing them to change unhealthy behavior, habits and inclinations. We have no control over emotions, the trigger or the response is entire based on outside factors like situation, person or deep-rooted desires.

Anyone can disturb us anytime by triggering our negative responses, do you want to understand what make us so vulnerable and is it possible to rectify. Outside events awake our mirror neurons replicating the same emotions experienced by the other person. To manage the emotions, it is important to understand the psychology of emotions.

What is an emotion?
Emotion is a conscious mental experience gathered through outside activities, providing a high level of pleasure or displeasure based on your behavior and belief. It is interconnected with your mood, nature and disposition.

The gathered mental experience gives signal to the brain to release adrenalin, causing higher heartbeat, sweating, flushing, etc. Emotions are made up of internal dialogue and pictures we cook deep inside the brain. Mostly, we don’t choose our emotions, it is subconscious. We react to our existing dialogues and movies stored in the subconscious mind.

Reality is always stranger than fiction, sometimes the occasion and the situation is not that bad as we make it by putting extra pressure. Pressure, greater workload and demanding schedule side effects usually occur through our own emotional responses.

Control your emotions, or they will control you
Whenever you experience a non-likeable emotional reaction, emotions are controlling your consciousness and will alter your mental state and physical experiences. Regulate your emotions by invoking a high degree of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence India is about learning how to control your emotions and control the emotions of others as well. It helps in achieving greater control and freedom of limiting emotions. It helps in easily restoring broken relationships and igniting love, compassion and empathy.

You can easily distinguish between a person, characteristics, emotion and manipulate them, through effective communication and interpersonal skills.

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