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bullet1Emotional Intelligence

It is generally understood that EQ is more important for living life successfully and excelling professionally than IQ. This program raises your EQ measurably.
Experience how to be with your emotions in new ways. This is not only about managing emotions successfully but also about increasing the ability to feel. NLP tools help to powerfully replace limiting emotional states with resourceful emotions. You will literally increase your positive feeling like peace, joy and happiness – and learn how to laugh more…
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Elements of Improve’ Theater and revolutionized therapy will help to open your emotional body and your ability to intuit, sense and reach your emotional goals. Your results include: true empowerment, inner freedom and building your congruency/ authenticity for greater leadership and professionalism

One EQ test at the beginning of the training and one after the training gives direct personalized feedback and show your individual results. Up to now the average percentage of EQ raise after a 5-days training is 57%.

This course is one of the top courses in Emotional Intelligence available in the world. A conglomeration of 31 yrs. experience in psychotherapy, therapy, primal-deconditioning, encounter and 27 yrs. of back ground in NLP bring the cream on the top to you. You will receive knowledge that is not only founded conceptually but more importantly equips you with experiential, interactive, practical and daily applicable skills.

Doris is the most highly educated and experienced senior NLP Master Trainer offering EI.  Most importantly she has engaged in self-development for over 3 decades and has verifiably experienced what she teaches. –  She truly walks what she talks.

Emotional Intelligence Consultant (5-day certification)
Learn and demonstrate:
-understanding emotions on a very deep and comprehensive level
-transform emotional resistance into the ability to accept and feel emotions
-handling your emotions
-building choice and an inner Neutral Place
-removing emotional engagement from professional interaction
-freeing yourself from unwanted habits (reversing stimulus response)
-identifying and building boundaries
-differentiating disempowering from empowering language and attitudes
-emotional intelligent and clear communication
-expressing boundaries and challenging messages in a way the other conflict
-identify emotional core wounds and ways to cope
-handling inner and outer conflict
-emotional health and evolved positive future
-hone peace, joy, happiness and laughter

Emotional Intelligence Coach (6-day certification)
Learn and demonstrate:
-advanced techniques for change and to sustain emotional health
-replacing limiting emotional states with resourceful emotions
-understanding and handling emotional enmeshment
-techniques to release emotional enmeshment, codependency and addiction
-identifying and physically releasing anger (Reichian and Lowen body work)
-building empathy, compassion, and sensitivity
-clarifying relationship issues and love and intimacy abilities and goals
-increasing confidence and empowerment
-voice training to deliberately use voice for influencing emotional states
-emotional engagement techniques for success in motivation, negotiation and persuasion
-coaching for emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Facilitator (2 times 4 days certification)
Learn and demonstrate:
-creating and passing on emotional responsibility and generic accountability for life and for others
-applying emotional intelligence techniques to change limiting emotional states and handle conflict
-measurably change own and other’s emotional states promptly and successfully
-creating and sustaining positive emotional states in any situation and or any audience
-handling any challenging team, group or audience situations
-nine motivational profiles to motivate accomplishing tasks and projects
-utilize Improve’ Theater to advance emotional engaging presentation skills
-enhance teaching and presentation skills through Reichian and Lowen body-work
-produce and apply high-level of compassion, sensitivity and heartfulness in leading and training
-designing exercises to directly and successfully achieve training topics utilizing emotional engagement
-building authenticity, personal power and neutrality to optimize leadership
-the Time Matrix for Emotional Intelligence and to bring visions and goals successfully into action

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bullet1From Prospects to Customers – 5 Keys to Accelerate Business Growth

Are you tired of sales strategies that don’t work?
Confronting lots of No’s and finding yourself dealing with a lot of resistance?
Losing time through repetitive and unsuccessful interactions?
Sensing something might be missing in your business/sales conversation?

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This course is about transforming sales strategies that don’t work into innovative and engaging business interactions. It is based on the research that people decide for a sale or sign a contract when emotionally motivated and engaged. The time we often spent in presenting is reverted into time to really and deeply find and meet the need of our client/customer. This course offers best sales practices essential in today’s fast paced world for creating optimum business success.

The attitude we are holding in a sales interactions is crucial. The 5 Keys attitude helps you to remove any personal agenda from the sales interaction focus on “helping” rather than selling or wanting anything.
The 5 Key skills help you to learn a system easy to apply, have optimum success while obliging to your values and being authentic. They create lasting and powerful results as they are based on the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. New concepts will be translated directly into new behaviors. All 5 Keys techniques and skills will be practiced to shift challenges into opportunities and to implement them directly into your daily case scenarios.

If you have difficulties with your current sales/enrollment tactics
If you are not getting the business or sales results expected of you
or/and if you are ready to excel this program is for you!

Up to now participants who have gone through this course raise their closing/revenue for a minimum of 10% within 3 – 6 months.
This course is one of the top courses to improve sales in the world, developed by three NLP trainers who also ran large businesses successfully.

From Prospects to Customers – Foundation Level, Part One – 2 days

Learn and demonstrate:
– Taking pushiness and tackiness out of sales
– The 5 Keys Authentic Sales Attitude
– Dynamic introduction of yourself that leaves impact and touches
– Create long-term business relationships
– Address our clients’ deepest motives and needs
– Engaging rather than presenting
– Creating emotional engagement so your customer asks you for your business
– Creating commitment and action steps

From Prospects to Customers…5 Keys to Accelerate Business Growth – Advanced Level, Part Two, 3-days
“5 Keys for Business Excellence Certification”

Learn and demonstrate:
– Setting Business Goals
– Advanced techniques for improved relationships with your customers
– Crafting and declaring emotionally engaging & effective presentations
– Questions are codes to information
– Advanced question techniques to elicit specific information
– Handling any objection of any customer easily and successfully
– Methods of early detecting any objections in the sales process
– Advanced language for successfully handling objections – and turning objections into opportunities
– Techniques to close as directly as possible. Question and language techniques to always create a form of commitment or closing
– Time Matrix to put your Business Goals into Action and successfully reach your business goals
– Demonstrate accelerating your desired business growth
– Raising your closing rate a minimum of 10% directly or latest in three months


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bullet1NLP Certification Programs

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?
NLP is:
• a model of modelling, created by people who were excellent communicators and change agents, Richard Bandler and John Grinder modelled in the middle of the 70ties Virginia Satir, Karl Roger, Fritz Perls, Milton Erickson and others. Modelling is still the foundation and creation of the methods, structures and techniques used in NLP.
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• a body of knowledge that facilitates immediate behavioural change.
• a study of how language and the brain interact and create personal capabilities.
• the science of understanding and utilizing the organization of inner thought processes.
• a way of thinking applicable to all areas of life.
• a study of human subjectivity and the structure of personal reality.
• the bridge between the conscious and unconscious revealing how information is filtered and categorized.
• a language decoder facilitating clear and ethical communication.

The Treasures of NLP:

• promotes communication and presentation mastery.
• empowers outcome-oriented versus problem-oriented thinking.
• supports conflict resolution in a productive manner.
• increases recognition of internal belief and value systems.
• reduces business stress.
• enhances effectiveness, flexibility and creativity.
• leverages experiences for learning.
• refines and utilizes language in a unique and advanced way.
• manages time innovatively.
• accesses unconscious potentials and resources.
• re- and deprograms thought and communication in a powerful way.
• teaches the art of ethical influence.
• enhances development of personal power, competence and integrity.

bullet1NLP Coaching & NLP Practitioner

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bullet1NLP Master

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bullet1NLP Trainer

Requirements for Society of NLP Trainer Certification

For Who?
Whatever your area of application… training, presenting, teaching, counseling, coaching, team-building, leadership, goal-setting, vision-building or time management… this innovative training is for those people who want to make a meaningful contribution to the professional and personal lives of others.

This training provides you with the skills, models and techniques to organize any presentation on any topic for any group or any individual to successfully achieve desired outcomes. It is enriched with advanced presentation skills and models how to train using accelerated learning styles.

Participants will learn how to design and produce trainings in step-by-step concepts. Advanced models of exercise design offer templates assuring that the desired skill will be downloaded, retained and reproduced in ways essential for memorizations and implementation success.

The ultimate of training delivery is related to the ability to backtrack and apply nested looping and the staircase model. – Participants will perform multiple presentations with camera and professional colleague feedback. Their performance will be measured by the student’s experience and feedback in case scenarios.

Learn the training “keys” that make the difference between mundane and outstanding and fair and memorable.

Participants will go through the process of identifying with the title and profession of being a trainer. They will go through a process of finding their unique passion and bringing forth their true potential to merit certification as an NLP Trainer.
This is a twelve-day public program can be done in two times 6-days.Fourteen-day NLP Trainer Certificate by Conscious Solutions and the International Society of NLP, CA, USA.

This Trainer Training is directly linked to the artistry, background, knowledge and experience built on the origination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Doris’ engaging, charismatic and intensive training style generates an broad spectrum in terms of the scope and depth of learning and application. She brings 27 years of applied experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is committed to maintaining the standard and ethics of NLP for a better world.







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