What are some of the things your value in your life?

//What are some of the things your value in your life?

What are some of the things your value in your life?

What are some of the things your value in your life? Most people answer: love within family, significant others and love in general. Don’t we know it – we regret arguing, conflict, accusation, blaming and the emotional hurt that goes along with missing or poor communication and any of the ways we create or receive emotional hurt. .

I am so curious: What will your life look like with greater levels of interaction, more expression, greater intimacy and more satisfying relationships? How will your life be enriched?


Our troubles are often stuck on the sub-conscious more than on the conscious level. We do the same mistakes over and over again, nearly like a record album that got stuck.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to know some tricks and learn some tools to avoid and circumvent emotional aching? Would it not be simply amazing to know how to communicate in ways that further respect and kindness? Don’t we all wish to experience greater levels of love?


Just like the ripple effects may be negative they can go exactly into the other direction. As soon as you will be able to affect your emotions more positively it will affect everyone around you, without them necessarily consciously knowing. They will want to be with you, interact with you more; you will be more admired and followed. Positive attitudes are infectious. Those positive ripple effects then make you feel good in return.


How about practicing one thing together today: Noticing the negative attitude as early as possible and as immediately as possible interrupting and changing it. Stay open and hone a positive mind sets within. Act in ways that others want to be around you.  Enjoy for yourself and with others: more joy and happiness.


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