Why should I take Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Doris?

//Why should I take Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Doris?

Why should I take Emotional Intelligence with Dr. Doris?

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

• Getting into a heated argument with your partner and say things that are hurtful
• Dealing with under-achieving employees in ways that scares them away
• Trying to motivate employees or colleagues but with ppor results
• You find yourself arguing and shouting in family relations and unable to communicate your feelings
• You are talking to a dear friend and insist “they don’t get it” and lose rapport
• Communicating to your children in a way you feel remorse later on

Emotional Intelligence with Dr. A. Doris Greenwood offers you hands on immediate tools you can use to effectively communicate to your family, friends and staff what you really want to say and in ways both parties feel appreciated, valued and respected.

Emotional Intelligence

Dr. A. Doris Greenwood is Asia’s only certifying Master Trainer from the original Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming with over 33 years of successful training experience on 3 continents. She brings her expertise in psychotherapy, de-conditioning and emotional release therapies to you in a deep meaningful and joy, fun loving way. She empowers you on all levels through proven and tested skills that will give you the changes you desire, emotionally, energetically, mentally and physically.

You deserve nothing less but the best in working from the heart merged with powerful NLP tools.
You have a choice to continue doing what you have been doing with little or poor results. You also have the choice to take initiative and invest into changing yourself and your communication.Feel welcome to join us for enhancing your EQ.

We offer you the opportunity for Change
6 – 10 Jan for in Mumbai, Hotel SubaGalaxi in Andheri East, India
13 – 17 Jan in Bangalore, Park Hotel, Richmond Rd. Langford Gardens, India
16, 17 Feb in Dubai, JLT, Illuminations, UAE

For more information call+91904931947 or +919769277975
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